Natalie Ginele Miller

"It is the passion, the connectedness I feel when a photograph is just right that pushes me, drives me forward. I simply love to hold all important images not only in my minds eye, but in a medium I can share."

with my camera, I convert the essence of a moment into an image. Every event has its own energy, its own magic; while respecting its often elusive nature, I'm able to capture the intangible, the ephemeral, and make it permanent.

Building on a natural interest in telling visual stories, I now possess a diverse set of skills developed through hard work, experimentation, and risk. I have a broad range of professional experience from over ten years of working in both digital and film: Trade Shows, Commercial Advertising Campaigns, Evidentiary Profiles for Legal Cases, In Studio Portraits with Marc Hauser, Corporate Head shots, Band and Artist Photographer, Chicago & Destination Weddings, and Gallery Exhibitions.

I have traveled extensively, always with my camera in hand. My exposure to different culture and ways of living, allows me to step outside of my own time and place and to bring a fresh perspective to every occasion. Whether it's in the small villages of Brazil, Rio during Carnival, a remote hamlet in rural China, rustic Mexico, road-tripping across USA, or in my hometown, Chicago, I find joy in making visible the hidden threads that bind us all.

My formal training began with Michael Boruch at Barat College in Lake Forest, IL. I attended the School of the Art Institute of Chicago on scholarship, graduating with a bachelors degree in Psychology & Art Therapy with minors in Photography & Studio Art.


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